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Delivering an industrial B2B roadshow is the ideal way for companies in the mining sector, heavy industry, construction as well as in mechanical engineering to elevate their brand.

This solution of using our mobile units for marketing is ideal to showcase one’s brand, products and to provide functional training to existing clients in a professional setting that is worthy of reflecting the highest standards of one’s brand.

There is no better tool to bring your brand to your client and to showcase your latest technology. Arrive on-site and provide training to engineers that make key decisions in deciding what equipment and machinery they will be using. The amount of time and money invested in training your clients and demonstrating your equipment will ultimately pay for itself several times over. On the other hand, training your own staff will create a feeling of being appreciated, increase morale as well as overall effectiveness and prevent staff turnover.

Why not combine a B2B roadshow with exhibiting at trade shows? This will maximize cost effectiveness and hey, the unit is already designed to your specifications and fully branded… why not put it to work?