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You may think that its tricky at first to determine what type of promo truck it is that you require for your roadshow, however this process can be made simple by considering a few key factors.

It is of course necessary to align your choice of exhibition trailer with your goals and the ultimate purpose of your roadshow. This may seem obvious enough, though it is important to have a systematic approach in order to simplify matters.

Who is your target audience? Where will you take your roadshow? What is the duration of the roadshow? Perhaps you want to combine your roadshow with your upcoming trade shows in order to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your promo trailer that you have invested in?

Answering these questions will take care of the basic logistical factors regarding the roadshow but still doesn’t solve the problem of choosing the right unit to help you bring your brand to your target audience but its a great place to start. Will you be going to the offices of potential clients? If so, what type of traffic are you expecting? Will there be intermittent groups coming through on their respective lunch breaks or designated time slots? Will there be a multimedia presentation or an exhibition of your latest products?
Will you be travelling to your clients factory or perhaps to a remote location to provide training to your client’s staff or even to your own staff?
It is important to ascertain the amount of traffic that will be passing through, the type of seating arrangements, whether there will be catering or perhaps a private office in which you would be able to conduct your business in?
The amount of space you will need in your expo truck will become clear once you have checked a few of these points off your list.

We can ultimately provide absolutely anything that you require – be it a smaller yet highly professional unit that would serve as a pop-up shop, a larger unit to showcase products or a hospitality unit that would place your target audience in the lap of luxury while entertaining them and elevating your brand in the eyes of your target audience. Together, we will create the solution that is perfect for you.