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The amazing versatility that we provide and the exceptional effectiveness that we achieve can act as the catalyst for your brand’s success and the springboard that you have been looking for. The reach, unique engaging experiential marketing and cost effectiveness are a combination that have catapulted many of our clients into the prime time.

We provide the platform to elevate our partners brand by expanding reach and providing cost-effective solutions. A hot trend in the fashion industry nowadays is for major clothing brands to effectively use our mobile units as pop-up shops in order to facilitate a showroom for customers.

Once they have physically seen and selected the products that they would like, they place their order at the store and receive a delivery at home. As you can imagine, the amount of money saved on storage space and on the reduced size of the storefront can be rather sizable. The fact that the customer has tried the clothing on and was happy with the style and the fit will also ensure that the uniform service of the brand will deliver the exact same product to the customer.

There is of course no better way to give your brand exposure than to display your brand large events such as festivals, trade shows and the hottest urban locations  to provide yourself a mobile, highly professional and eye-catching platform on which you can effectively conduct your business.