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A celebration of the heritage of Tour de Pologne, in 11 cities throughout Poland, while prolonging our communication with Carrefour as the main sponsor of the Polish national cycling race.


Along with our sponsors and partners, we had created a fun-filled
cycling village within each city that we had visited! With loads of activities for cycling fans and entire families, celebrating their love for cycling and Tour de Pologne and it’s 90th birthday since it’s inception.

With various activities incorporating interactive marketing, we found a way to involve everyone in the event, with games and prizes for children and more serious prizes for cyclists that post excellent times on our very own Amateur Tour de Pologne Micro Cyclist Maquette.
There were many activities available, mostly in the vein of cycling and healthy living. We had one of our Grand Tourer 360 mobile units present to facilitate the Micro Cyclist tournament and of course our Mobile Cycling Museum was ever-present.

Always an incredible atmosphere and of course paying tribute to the main sponsors of Tour de Pologne – Carrefour – we had some amazing times that were certainly memorable for our tens of thousands of guests and everyone that worked to make it happen.