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Back in 2010 we had built one of the first mobile LED trucks in existence. Perfect for guerrilla marketing – for taking your brand or your unique offers to your competition –  a decisively bold and effective way to reach a new audience and especially one that is already engaging your competition.

It could create new consumers and clients or perhaps step on some toes but ultimately if done tactfully will without a doubt leave a lasting impression.

In the featured photo, you can see what our LED trucks looked like in its launch in 2010 and we compare it with a new campaign for Budweiser in the United States, albeit it 8 years after we launched our first such campaign.

A fun campaign from Budweiser shows them engaging their competition directly in a playful, tongue-in-cheek manner. This of course means that they are also engaging the end consumers of their competition in a subtle way.

There are few other tools out there that harness the potential of mobility and the eye-catching presence of LED trucks to stir up a memorable and effective manner.

We at Promokraft have top-of-the-line units of all types at cost-effective prices. We welcome you to explore our world and to see what is right for you.