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Its that time of the year again where we launch our winter guerrilla marketing campaign using our LED trucks followed up with our usual participation at the Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane.
Always remaining in the vein of participating in the largest sporting events in Poland, we return to the Ski Jumping World Cup. To welcome 250 000 fans annually, we provide the large LED screen present for the fans to provide the platform for our partners to advertise.

Our state-of-the-art mobile LED screen ensures that everyone is able to enjoy the event and also get to appreciate the attractions that our sponsors and partners get to share.

Hugely popular in Poland, the Ski Jumping World Cup captures the attention of millions of fans watching at home and hundreds of thousands that will brave the cold and make the trip to the mountains to enjoy the spectacle. Being the massive tourist attraction that it is, Zakopane will have throngs of foreign tourists that will be in Poland to attend the show but also have countless new fans in the making as we have first-time fans that have caught wind of the hype that awaits them and the reputation of this beautiful sport that precedes itself and will leave the new onlookers in awe.

We welcome you to join us in Zakopane during the Ski Jumping World Cup. Dont forget to bring something warm, though the rush of seeing this sporting marvel will likely be enough to make you forget about everything else at all. 18th to the 20th of January, we look forward to seeing you there.