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Provide your sales team with the ideal environment and opportunity to make new contacts with potential clients, build rapport with existing clients and to close that deal that has been eluding you while you were sitting behind your desk, making phone calls and writing emails.

We all know that relationships are built on face-to-face discussions and social situations. Conversations flow in a social environment and your mobile unit will facilitate your clients comfort and will be custom designed to improve every chance that you have of sealing the deal.

By taking your product to the client, you create a setting where you are in control of the meeting. You are putting yourself in a situation where you are cutting out of your client’s mind any thoughts of engaging with your competition. Your client is being fully engaged by yourself and the environment that they are being immersed in.

Having a roadshow is also an excellent way to demand generation efforts during the slower times of the year – such as the summer holidays or over the Christmas/New Year holiday season – to keep your brand awareness alive and active. In fact, in certain cases it would even be an ideal situation to take advantage of people being on vacation and take a fun roadshow to them while they are with their family. A great example of this was our summer Roadshow 2.0 campaign for Koral ice cream that you will be able to find in our case studies at Promokraft.com.

The content of your roadshow is obviously important though it is even more important to keep your event fun and memorable. Roadshows are an excellent way to provide an entertaining and memorable experience. Interactive marketing is what clients and consumers today remember and bringing them into an environment tailored to your target audience gives you the opportunity to provide them with an experience that will resonate with them and will be engrained in their memory for a long time to come.

Those fun and interactive aspects of your roadshow is what clients themselves will share in social situations and in social media – with colleagues and with people beyond the scope of your target market, garnering further attention and growing your brand in ways that you never thought to be possible. This is the future of marketing.