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We are building yet another mobile unit from scratch for our clients for an upcoming roadshow! The campaign is set to hit the road soon and it seems that we will be incessantly building various units well into the following year. At the rate we’re going we will never stop building new units to satisfy our client’s demand. Our reputation steadily grows as we are becoming renowned as producers of some of the finest and highest-quality roadshow trucks in Europe and probably in the whole world. We will be adding some units to our fleet as well as producing new tailor-made units such as the one pictured. Watch this space and follow our progress. We will be posting in a few weeks in order to see the radical transformation and the sheer beauty and quality of the mobile marketing machine that is to become of this framework. Our engineers and technicians have mastered the art of not only functionality but also the taste for aesthetic beauty. We look forward to sharing our progress with you.