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How to choose your ideal roadshow trailer supplier?

Most companies either provide service or build promo trucks. This would entail that such companies that don’t build mobile units as well as provide service for clients during roadshows or exhibitions are incomplete.

Those that do not provide service do not fully understand what is required of them in every possible aspect from the perspective of the provider as well as the end user – the client.

Companies that only build mobile units will of course build the unit to specification, though do not possess the insight and experience that is gained from providing service – projecting campaigns, functionality for various occasions and most importantly – close contact with the client and the unique needs that each client may have.

It is important to take all of these aspects into consideration to grasp the building process as a whole. This would grant a greater understanding in interior design, structural design and implementation of a showtruck’s many possible practical functions and possibilities during roadshows.

In a similar way, those that provide service but do not build units will have an incomplete understanding of the engineering of the unit and its maintenance. Knowledge of the physical and tangible aspects of the mobile unit’s construction and implementation are necessary to be able to use the unit to its full potential.


We are builders, service providers, roadshow trailer suppliers and ultimately – creators of groundbreaking guerilla marketing solutions.

We build exhibition units, provide full-service and go the extra mile in every aspect of our business, not only building units from scratch but also by projecting and designing your roadshow campaign in every way.

What truly sets us apart is our holistic approach to not only building event trailers, providing service for them but also masterminding marketing strategies of every kind. We have done some major advertising campaigns for some of the biggest companies in Poland and in the rest of the world. Even our approach to advertising campaigns is unique as we do things that nobody has ever done before.

A perfect example of combining mobile facilities for event marketing with a complex advertising campaign is what we call Roadshow 2.0.

Roadshow 2.0 is a complete, 360° marketing strategy that combines the roadshow with an advertising campaign and social media, maximizing the reach of your campaign by using every tool possible in your interactive marketing campaign.

By combining all of these tools, one increases the effectiveness of each of the tools exponentially as media, mobile applications and social media boost your roadshow while your roadshow boosts all of your media outlets.  If you are already going to join us for a roadshow, why not implement all of the tools at our disposal in order to magnify it’s reach and it’s eventual success?