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Exhibitions and Trade Shows? You’ve come to the right place!

To design and create a high-quality exhibition stand can be extremely costly and on many occasions, such traditional exhibition stands are not transportable and are destroyed after a single use.

On the other hand there is also the option of having a traditional tent with poor branding possibilities and a low quality product in terms of aesthetics and functionality. These tents are also time-consuming and ineffective when setting up and tearing down.

When going with the option of using a mobile unit as an exhibition stand, the benefits are hard to ignore. The quality and effectiveness are incomparable to that of any type of traditional setup. This is an ideal solution for you, especially if your company exhibits at trade shows and exhibitions quite often. Why not fill the downtime with a roadshow to potential clients or perhaps to existing clients in order to provide training?

Welcome to the Promobox, the most effective and best value for money event solution in existence.

Aesthetics, professionalism, functionality – imagine the impact that you will have on your prospective client when you have a top-quality mobile showroom or fully catered multimedia presentation with the option of having tangible products, equipment or technology being showcased in the exhibition unit.

All this while having a private office in the unit in order to talk business and to close that deal.
You have now created the perfect environment in which you and your sales team can conduct business and leave a lasting impression on your existing or prospective clients.

You have now isolated your clients form your competition, fully engaged them and have placed them in the lap of luxury, reflecting your own brand, its quality as well as showing the same kind of respect for the brand of your client.


We at Promokraft have top-of-the-line exhibition units at cost-effective prices. We welcome you to explore our world and to see what what works for you. Our newest product – the Promobox – provides you with incredible quality but mostly with value for money that you won’t find anywhere else.

Set up easily and effectively, not only at trade shows but literally any place that you would like to target. Pick the most high traffic areas based on the season, large events, outside or (inside) of shopping malls – whatever strategy you like – can be changed at the drop of a hat with a set up time of only 45 minutes and no specialized technician required.