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Malopolska – Cogiteon Educational Facility


A realization for our client – Malopolska, educating our dear citizens about the importance of clean air and healthy living.


This project is of vital importance to the health and wellbeing of all citizens of Malopolska, especially that of our children. In this campaign, we want to instill in our youth the necessity to take care of our environment in a fun, highly innovative and dynamic multimedial educational playground that is created in our mobile unit. We had built this incredible expo truck from scratch, so we can vouch for the perfection and reliability that can be expected for many years to come in service of our clients and their mission for clean air.

Among the host of activities that are present – included is a VR headset in which one can explore the beautiful scenery that is on show in Malopolska, a map of scents that one can enjoy in the region as well as a multitude of games and attractions that can be experienced by our visitors. In one of the most beautiful regions in the world that has been over the years troubled by smog and imperfect air, we strive to make it one of the most beautiful regions in the world in every possible way, including educating people on how to better our living conditions.